Discover most profitable Enchanting recipes on your server. Always check “seen at AH” column, remember that low-volume items are not guaranteed to sell for the price listed. Best selling items are marked "hot". AH prices generated by Auctioneer addon.
Updated: 04/25/2011 11:02:44
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Prismatic Sphere
Sell at AH 3545
57 4x Large Prismatic Shard AH 428 1832
Void Sphere
Sell at AH 2157
251 2x Void Crystal AH 359 1438
2x Void Shatter
Sell at AH 428
3670 Void Crystal AH 359 497
Large Prismatic Shard
Sell at AH 428
3670 3x Small Prismatic Shard AH 8225 181
Minor Mana Oil
Sell at AH 183
131 3x Soul Dust
2x Maple Seed
Crystal Vial
AH 5055
NPC 200
Lesser Mystic Wand
Sell at AH 184
261 Star Wood
Lesser Mystic Essence
Soul Dust
NPC 4500
AH 7380
AH 5055
Nexus Transformation
Sell at AH 8225
1643 Nexus Crystal AH 7410 815
all other recipes not profitable -